How to Write an Excellent APA Style Bibliography

There are numerous explanations and templates on how to write a good bibliography. However, despite the variations available, details on page numbers, title page, font style, margins, and font sizes are among the most basic format requirements which remain similar across the board. To write a good bibliography for your research paper, make sure to stick to the APA rules. This is one of the easiest ways to impress your tutor and scoop all the marks you can get in this section.

What to Include in the Bibliography

Before you begin writing this section, you need to understand what it is about and what you must include here. Usually, the section covers comments about every source you have used in your writing. These comments are often referred to as annotations, hence the term annotated bibliography. To create the correct annotated bibliography, several steps must be followed:

  • You should first start by finding relevant sources for your topic. It is always a good idea to check with your tutor or instructor to ensure that the sources are acceptable since you do not want to be disqualified on these grounds.
  • Reading and evaluating the sources critically is also important.
  • Come up with the correct APA citation
  • Right below the citation, write the comments/annotations

What are Annotations?

These are comments that you make after a specific source has been used in your write up. It is important to know how to write these comments because they are not similar to ordinary comments. Their specific characteristics include:

  1. Work evaluation must be clear. The comment should show clear and logical evidence of the arguments being proposed
  2. It should also capture the findings and arguments of the sources you use clearly
  3. The comments should show that the author of the source is credible in the sphere being discussed. Alternatively, the publishing source should also be reliable.
  4. The annotation should also clearly show how the argument supports the thesis or argument

Considering all the details that can be captured in the annotation, it is always advisable to work with your instructor to proceed with the research project. Find out what must be included and only focus on the most relevant details as per the instructions, especially if the paper is length-specific.

Proving Credibility

When dealing with an annotated bibliography, make sure that no one doubts the credibility of the source you are using. What this means is that the reader should be convinced right away that the sources are trustworthy. This may mean conducting prior research to ensure that you are only dealing with sources from established institutions. Apart from checking the publication details, it helps if the authors are also linked to reputable institutions and workplaces.

Summary of the Work

As you write your comments on the source, always remember to identify and state the reasons for As you write your comments on the source, always remember to identify and state the research reasons. You may have to note the specific pages that are relevant to your research and paraphrase the information. Make use of titles, chapters, and other relevant headings to achieve your goal.

In the end, a good annotated bibliography is credible and well-formatted. In case you feel lost, hire an expert writer to assist.

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