How to Write Your Annotated Bibliography Alphabetically

Writing a bibliography follows specific rules. Unlike the ordinary list of cited sources, a bibliography requires that you stick to specific formats. Your list of sources should be written in alphabetical order, starting with the author’s second name. In case the work you are citing has no author, write the editor’s name.

Steps to Follow When Writing a Bibliography

When you add a new source to your written research work, make sure you are using a credible source from authors, you can trust as niche experts. Alternatively, work with your lecturer to get the right sources to avoid re-doing the paper. Fortunately, to write an excellent bibliography, the following tips should be considered:

  • Work with credible sources that have been recommended by the tutor or instructor. In case there are no specific recommendations, choose sources that are closely related. Remember, you will be summarizing that proving the relevance of the sources you have chosen. Stick to sources that will add value to your content.
  • Always summarize the content from the sources you are using, preferably with quoted pages. Use titles and headings from the text to explain the relevance of your sources. Doing this also makes it easy for readers and instructors to prove that you are using the correct sources for the research you are carrying out.
  • Try to show the similarities and diversities among the sources you are using. As you describe the annotations, make sure you can relate the different sources and tie them to the research topic.

How to Develop Your Annotated Bibliography

Once you know the rules and the expectations of your bibliography, proceed to write. Below are some of the things you need to when using books and shorter publications as your sources. Always remember the following:

  1. Alphabetize the annotations just as you do the citations.
  2. Annotations are single-spaced. However, you are advised to ask your professor on any special formatting instructions
  3. Have white spaces at the entries of your bibliographies. These make it easy to read. The bibliography entry should start on a new line unless otherwise specified by your professor.

Understand What Style Your Paper Requires

Choosing to write your annotation in any specific style depends on the instructions and requirements of the paper. Knowing which style to use is important since it makes it easy for you not to make a mistake that could cost your score. To know which style us appropriately, consider the following:

  1. Consider the research work involved in terms of the topics. Psychology papers will work well with different formatting styles from education and science papers.
  2. Carry out your research on subjects to know which format to apply, even on the annotation section.
  3. Check to see if there are any visual support like pictures and charts required since this kind of works requires a different formatting style.

No matter what style you decide to use, make sure that it does not contradict the tutor’s instructions. Whenever you feel you need any assistance, consider hiring a team of experts to assist.

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