The Spanish language gets more and more popularity all over the world being a primary language in 21 countries. Spanish essay deals with topics on Spanish language, literature or arts. To cope with this type of essay, one has to have a good knowledge of Spanish and understanding of Spanish culture. It also involves knowledge of history of Spanish people and how it effected other fields of human activity.

There are many essay topics to cover in Spanish essay:

world class artists like Diego Velazquez, Picasso, Alonso Berruguete and their masterpieces can be a subject for analysis in an essay. For example, Diego Velazquez, a contemporary baroque painter, is known for superb portraits and this can be developed into a high rating essay. Alonso Berruguete, Alonso Cano and Francisco Salzillo as famous Spanish sculptors developed their distinct styles and their original manner. These distinctions can be also a good subject for analysis.

Spanish literature has thousands of topics to cover in critical analysis essay. One can concentrate on medieval prose or poetry or analyze contemporary poetry. One can also find a great field for study when analyzing Spanish writers and distinctive features of their works.

However, whatever the topic is and whatever the essay type is, you have to follow basic essay prompts to provide lucid and clear essay which will be a unique viewpoint on the research subject and will demonstrate student’s expertise in the subject matter. For this one needs to delve into a thorough research which means much reading and making notes which can be further analyzes and perfected to well-grounded and really interesting essays. For completing good Spanish essay one needs not only profound knowledge of the subject matter but strong motivation and inspiration for research.

When writing any type of essay one should care for structure or follow certain essay format.

This does not mean that Spanish essay has specific format but rather it takes a form of some essay format like critical analysis essay which can be used for analysis of literature pieces, or descriptive or narrative essay when telling about the life of famous people or may be illustrative essay to show distinctions of certain art period.

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