Tips for Writing an APA Annotated Bibliography Correctly

Writing an annotated bibliography in APA format is uncomplicated. First, you need to understand that this is a list of references with additional information on each source. You also need to include a summary of the source, an analysis of the source about the research, and format it according to the instructions given by your tutor.

Writing an APA Annotated Bibliography

Once you understand the instructions and any other special requirements that your instructor needs you to stick to, consider following the steps below to write the perfect annotated bibliography in APA format.

  • Include the title page
  • Numbered pages should start from the first page
  • Begin formatting the reference page from the first reference page
  • Centre the references and bold at the page’s top
  • List all reference entries in alphabetical order
  • The annotations should begin immediately under the references they are associated with
  • Indent the annotations 0.5 inches from the left margin
  • Double space the document, making sure you leave no space between the entries.

Writing the Annotations Step by Step

Before writing the annotations of the bibliography, several things should come to mind. First, you should start with the right sources. Talk to your professor about the correct sources suited for your project or research work and ask about writemyessayonline. The annotated bibliography should only contain relevant sources, which means that you need to spend considerable amounts of time doing the research work first.

Have the Items Reviewed

Once you have concluded your research on the best sources, have them reviewed. You need to settle on sources that are relevant to the content you are writing. Choose those that narrow down to your research, inasmuch as they offer a wide perspective of what is expected. You can check your abstract since they come in handy at this stage.

Cite and Write the Annotation

Once you have your researched sources in place and are sure about the annotations, write the correct citations first before the annotation. When describing your annotation sources, you may want to consider the following points to make sure your annotations are whole.

  1. The intent of the research
  2. A summarized version of the reference
  3. Include all useful information about the author
  4. You also need to capture the audience that you are addressing since not all information suits all audiences
  5. Capture the topic’s relevance
  6. Mention and describe any unique aspects of the source that makes it useful for your research
  7. Tie it to the research methodology
  8. Describe the weaknesses, strengths, and other existing biases with the sources used.

However, your annotations will only be as detailed as the instructions allow. You may not have to include everything in your annotations, especially if the write-up you are doing is not long.

Importance of Annotation Bibliographies

Even as you struggle with writing the best annotation, you need to understand why you are doing it in the first place. Each reference is likely to have a 100 to 150 long annotation that will give some form of literature review for every reader. It also helps with thesis formulation.

Hire a seasoned writer to assist with this section if you feel stuck.

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