Writing an Annotated Bibliography Like a Pro

Researchers and students doing any research writing should be well-versed with writing references, citations, and annotated bibliographies. While the annotated bibliography is different, any student can hack it since all it needs is to follow specific guidelines. Below are some of the most useful tips you may have to consider if you want to hack it with ease.

  • Know which sources you are using. Apart from consulting with the tutor or instructor, you also want to choose closely related sources. This may mean that you take time to scheme all the sources you can potentially include in your research and use those most relevant.
  • Always have a summary of the sources. In this case, before settling on a source, you want to reproduce the content in your words but retain the meaning and relevance of the content. Always re-phrase or paraphrase the content to avoid issues of plagiarism since it is not allowed.
  • Your summary should be followed by an analysis. You want to ask yourself a couple of questions. First, you need to be sure that the source you go for has enough relevant information to be used in the text. Make sure that the author also used relevant sources that can be verified. It is good to check and confirm statistical information or data to be sure you are on the right track.
  • Sources used should and must be useful to the research. While there may be numerous sources suggested by your instructor, not all of them will pass as excellent sources. While at it, use the annotated bibliography style and format suggested by your lecturer since not all the information must be covered. It all depends on the needs of the tutor.

Writing the Bibliography

At this stage, you already know that the bibliography is different from juts listing all the sources used in the research work. Once you know which details to include in your bibliography, get the formatting right too. When using the APA format, you are required to arrange the sources in alphabetical order, based on the authors names. In a bibliography, you need to include sources used in the text. You can also choose to include those that the author’s referenced while writing their publications or include those you feel will be most relevant to the research and the reader.

Why You Must Consult with the Lecturer

Be careful when writing an annotated bibliography since this section may not be similar for all lecturers. The best thing would be to work with your instructor from when you choose the sources you intend to use, up to when you finally get to writing the bibliography. Always stick to what the lecturer wants unless he or she leaves it open for you to decide.

Sample Bibliographies

In case you are stuck and unsure of how to proceed, check out a few samples available online to be sure that you are on the right track. Depending on the format you are requested to write, checking out what others have done can go a long way.

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